As your local Butler® Builder, Metal Building Sales’ engineering and general contracting service team, AM Star Construction, Inc., plays a central role in constructing your next metal building by maintaining the infrastructure needed to manage all phases of your project. This includes design, engineering, permits, construction methods and materials. Technologies used to manage the overall completion of the project, varied contracting approaches, leadership and teamwork skills demanded to manage budgets, schedules, quality and safety. We hold construction professionals responsible for all the resources needed.  We will successfully complete your project using the best subcontractors, equipment, material, and labor available.

AM Star Construction, Inc. Company is a certified Butler Builder, a division of BlueScope Buildings, North America. Butler is the world’s largest inventor of pre-engineered metal building systems. These buildings are computer-designed, factory-made systems that are assembled quickly and more economically than conventionally constructed buildings. A Butler Building is a weathertight, long-lasting, affordable solution when incorporated with our proprietary offerings. Records show that our MR24 roof is superior to the built-up roof in life expectancy, water tightness, and quality. Significant savings in maintenance, heating, cooling, and future expansion result from the use of Butler Metal Buildings. For the economically conscious businessman, it is a logical building system to use. Our team of commercial building general contractors has experience and expertise that combines masonry, concrete, and other conventional materials with your new Butler Building, providing an attractive building design.