Nothing is more important for a horse facility than a building that is secure and weathertight, providing a healthy living environment for your horses. That’s why owners of horse facilities rely on Butler®building systems. A horse facility designed by Butler Manufacturing™ offers a number of significant features for performance training and commercial arenas such as unobstructed, clearspan interiors, weathertight design that is easily insulated for both horse and rider comfort and unlimited structural design that can accommodate varied stall materials.

When you consider that a Butler building system can also be built faster than is typical with conventional construction, it’s easy to see why it has become such a popular choice for horse facilities of all varieties.

Create the Ideal Showcase

Butler structural systems are designed to give you complete freedom with regard to final aesthetics. Exteriors of wood, brick, or stone are just as familiar to us as our attractive and economical metal wall systems. With Butler, the design flexibility doesn’t end there. Butler horse facilities are easily adaptable for a wide range of stall materials such as wood, concrete block, steel or poured concrete. Plus our weathertight design keeps out wind, rain and snow and all Butler building systems provide fire resistant construction.
Whether it is a single structure or a multiple building complex, with a Butler building system, you have a secure and efficient facility that you can put your confidence in today and for years to come.

Cost-Effective Construction is Assured

Butler building system connections are designed with two things in mind — strength and ease of construction. With a Butler building system, the structural frame, the roof and even the walls of your new building are designed by experienced Butler engineers. This saves you planning time and engineering design costs. And with our extensive capabilities, Butler can design for any budget.

Butler systems, designed for precision assembly without expensive field work and on-site modifications, allow for quicker construction times. A design-build solution from your local Butler Builder®, can add further efficiencies by eliminating multiple parties and streamlining the delivery process. You will be able to move into your new building sooner—with lower initial construction costs and lifecycle costs.

  • The Thoroughbred Horse
  • The Arabian Horse
  • The Clydesdale Horse
  • The Hackney Horse
  • The Friesian Horse
  • The Marwari Horse
  • The Appaloosa Horse
  • The Paint Horse
  • The American Quarter Horse
  • The Tennessee Walking Horse