Offering a warm welcome begins before customers ever set foot inside your door. It begins when they first see your building from afar—and start to form impressions as to what they are likely to find inside.

A Butler® building system enables you to create the ideal image for your business with an array of attractive exterior options. It offers unlimited flexibility with regard to interiors as well. So you can carry the inviting atmosphere throughout every corner of your store.

When you consider that a Butler building system can also be built faster than is typical with conventional construction, it’s easy to see why it has become such a popular choice for retail centers of all varieties.

Take a moment to discover what The Butler Difference can do for you.

Create The Ideal Showcase

Butler structural systems are designed to give you complete freedom with regard to final aesthetics. Exteriors of wood, brick, stone, or glass are just as familiar to us as our attractive and economical metal wall systems. You can also incorporate a glass curtain wall system or storefront to create stunning beauty and offer a glimpse at the

displays inside.

With Butler, the design flexibility doesn’t end there. You can create soaring roof pitches to complement your building’s architecture, with a wide variety of vibrant metal roof colors available. Butler can accommodate up to an eight story building, providing greater flexibility for those that need a multi-story buidling.

Cost-effective Construction

is Assured

With a Butler building system, the structural frame, the roof, and even the walls of your new building are designed by experienced Butler engineers. This saves you planning time and engineering design costs. And with our extensive capabilities, Butler can design for any budget. A design-build solution from your local Butler Builder®, which eliminates multiple parties and streamlines the delivery process, can add further efficiencies.

Integrity Means Everything

Butler is known for its design integrity in the building systems industry. We go to great lengths to assure that our buildings are certified to the highest design and manufacturing standards and comply with all applicable codes. You can also take comfort in knowing that all Butler products are thoroughly tested to assure consistently superior quality.

A Builder You Can Trust

Your Butler Builder is a construction professional who can handle every phase of your construction project. Only builders of the highest integrity and reputation are selected to become Butler Builders. They will work with you to provide the building system you want, on time and within your budget.

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