Butler Metal Roofs

Reroof & Retrofit Facilities


One and done. We know that if you’re in the market for new construction roofing or a retrofit project, the ideal scenario is purchasing the last roof you’ll ever have to buy. We offer the industry’s most complete re-roof system with a 25-year warranty.


Plus, the MR-24® roof system offers 90 percent maintenance savings compared with conventional roof materials. Additionally, our Butler Builder® network has retrofitted countless roofs with zero manufacturing or retail time lost to minimize its impact on your ability to do business. If you’re looking to complete a building retrofit, we can help give you flexibility and lower your total cost of ownership.


Most roof repairs are only temporary solutions. By their very nature, built-up or single-ply roof systems require constant maintenance to remain watertight. But there is a better option with Butler metal roofs.


Butler Manufacturing™ offers long-term solutions to whatever roof problems are compromising your structures—the Metal-Over-Metal Systems, the Slope Build-up Reroof System, and many custom retrofit systems. These systems are practical, long-term, and cost-efficient retrofit solutions.


In most cases, you can install a Butler® reroof system directly over your current existing built-up, single-ply, or metal roof. This saves you the cost of tearing off your current roof and avoids any interruption to your business activities during the process.

There are many other reasons why a Butler roof system is your best choice.



You may be surprised to discover that a Butler® retrofit roof is comparable in price to short-term fixes. You can achieve more savings through the improved energy efficiency that comes with the addition of new insulation. You can also eliminate removal and disposal costs, a very "green" solution, by installing a new slope build-up roof system directly over your existing roof.


Butler standing-seam roofs have documented in-place performance since the late 1960s. Research confirms that these roofs withstand decades of harsh sun, heavy rains, snow, ice, and extreme temperatures with minimal annual maintenance.


Whether your roof repairs are basic or complex, Butler metal roof systems fit your needs. We can install over all types of flat roofs to a variety of slopes and even steep-pitched roofs. We can also add pitch by installing a structural slope build-up system directly over a flat roof.


Constantly changing temperatures cause a roof to expand and contract thousands of times each year. Butler roof systems are specifically engineered to allow for this natural thermal movement and provide years of long-term watertight performance.


A new steep-sloped metal roof can dramatically change the appearance of a building. Butler can add color, provide a mansard, or change a roof pitch to give your entire building a face lift.


Green Building

Butler roof systems are material-efficient, made from recycled material, recyclable, low-maintenance, and long-life roof solutions. Their green attributes may earn credits for LEED® certification. They’re also available in “cool roof" colors with a certified, highly reflective finish to reduce energy consumption.


System Design

With Butler, all aspects of your roof system—ridges, eaves, trims and flashings, interior or exterior drainage, roof openings, and accessories—have been designed to work in unison with the metal roof to form an integrated system.



Butler introduced the first modern standing-seam roof system in 1969 and continues to lead the metal roofing industry. The MR-24® roof system has been installed on more than 2 billion square feet of buildings all over the world. In fact, it is specified more than any other standing-seam roof.


Industry-leading Warranties

It stands to reason that the best roofing systems should carry the best warranties. The Butler Watertight Gold warranty assures up to 20 years of weathertight protection and includes full-system coverage of roof trims, roof curbs, and pipe penetrations on a non-prorated basis during the entire warranty life.


1 | VSR II™ Standing-Seam Metal Roof System

Combine structural integrity with aesthetic appeal. The strong visual lines and variety of colors make the VSR II metal roof system the right choice for all types of building solutions, whether it’s used to recover asphalt shingles, on slope-enhancing frames, or atop the engineered light-gauge truss system.


2 | Reroofing Over Shingles

Sub-purlins are attached to the existing wood deck or joists, and one or more layers of blanket insulation are added to increase energy efficiency. Often in this application, the VSR II standing-seam metal roof system is selected because of its outstanding performance combined with lasting beauty.


3 | Slope Build-Up framing System Flat roofs often leak. A Butler slope-enhancing steel framing system engineered to meet the toughest building codes and loads can permanently add slopes up to 30 degrees (7:12)— more than enough for most buildings to quickly shed damaging ponding water. The flexible system can be overlaid with all structural metal roof panels and also allows insulation to be added.


4 | Wall Systems

Re-siding transforms aging buildings into showpieces. We offer a variety of wall systems suitable for any type of construction, ranging from the most economical metal wall panel to custom designs incorporating conventional wall materials of your choice