Hybrid Steel Buildings

In addition to erecting complete structures at Metal Building Sales, we can also build traditional steel structures and combine them with more conventional building materials. We offer a variety of hybrid structures to suit the most individualized needs. We create these hybrid buildings by converting our steel buildings into more conventional ones by using more traditional materials, such as stucco, glass, brick, and stone. Even when you have projects that are more particular in nature, Metal Buildings Sales offers hybrid solutions that incorporate your Butler® building with more conventional construction methods. We want to work with you as closely as possible to achieve your desired design!

At Metal Building Sales, we understand the different needs and requirements of our customers. With that understanding, we work with different architects and engineers to combine our system with any type of facade, creating the perfect hybrid metal buildings for you. When constructing these different hybrid steel buildings, we ensure that everything is stable, even when combining the newer construction materials with traditional steel. We make sure that these Butler® buildings can be supported by a concrete wall without the aid of steel perimeter columns. Additionally, we want to design these structures to minimize the use of interior columns, but it all depends on the budget and the nature of your design. By minimizing the use of these columns, we can increase the usable space in your structure and hopefully lower the total project cost as well.

We want to work with you to develop these structures so your hybrid buildings can be structurally sound and meet your aesthetic needs as well. Through a lot of hard work and planning, Metal Building Sales can give your structure the extra character you want, whether that’s with brick, masonry, EIFS, concrete, stucco, or tilt-up. These options can help you achieve the desired look you’re after! Additionally, when you work with us at Metal Building Sales, we’ll clearly outline the project’s scope, and we’ll help to identify any cost savings you’re looking for.

We must go through some preliminary steps to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible with your hybrid structure. These hybrid structure services require a pre-construction agreement to achieve the necessary integration. Hybrid structures are unique and may need to abide by stricter building codes to ensure everything is structurally sound because of the diversity of building materials. But you can rest assured that, here at Metal Building Sales, we’re well aware of all construction agreements and different building codes and can guarantee that our Butler® buildings meet all specifications. We make them to last for decades, focusing on long-term sustainability instead of cutting corners. In the end, it saves more money for you and us through increased energy efficiency and by reducing the number of repairs that are needed.