Time and time again small and large professional and medical practices have made the choice to invest in their businesses by choosing metal building systems. They do so because they know metal buildings make good business sense and give them the biggest return on investment over the long haul, while providing flexibility and low maintenance and operations costs.

Long-life metal paint coatings come in a myriad of colors that fulfill architectural visions and create a polished professional look for the medical practice. The roof and wall cladding provide long-term, low-maintenance performance. Interiors offer design flexibility and ease of re-configuration to meets the ever-changing demands of a growing medical practice.

Metal canopies offer aesthetics and practicality. Patients can be dropped off safely away from rain, snow and the elements. Canopies also create cool shaded waiting areas that are free from glare yet allow for a view of the outside for waiting patients. Cool roof coatings keep interior temperatures (as well as energy bills) down which adds to the value the metal building brings to a practice. With metal building systems the design possibilities are endless; and when teamed up with an experienced architectural firm and general contractor that specialize in practice design, you'll get a winning solution for your practice needs.

Combining glass and architectural steel makes for a sleek, crisp, eye-pleasing design. Heath care operators continue to make metal building systems their first choice in construction. They do so because they know metal buildings make good business sense by providing design and aesthetic flexibility, with low maintenance and operating costs.

You’ve made a commitment to your community to build a medical or dental facility, an outpatient surgical center or maybe even a hospital. Now you face the challenging and complex task of designing, building and equipping your new facility, so it meets your needs now and in the future.

Healthcare professionals need more than just an office with a waiting room. New diagnostic equipment, new procedures and increased number of staff are just some of the reasons for a new facility. Facilities that allow for the ease of patient flow and comfort. Every building owner has these primary construction objectives in mind–to complete their project quickly, on budget and to have a building that will keep maintenance to a minimum. No other building system provides these better than a facility from Butler Manufacturing Company.

Flexibility To Serve Your Needs

Butler medical facilities offer unmatched flexibility. Interior walls can easily be moved to make room for more equipment and people as your practice grows. If you wish, your building can be designed without interior columns. Nothing will keep you from using the valuable space to its full potential. And if future expansion is in your plans, you’ll find a Butler® building system readily accommodates it. With the Butler building system, you have a secure healthcare facility that you can put your confidence in today and for years to come.

Beauty Is Reflected in Every Detail

When you build with Butler, you can be confident you’ll receive a medical facility that is solid, professional and appropriate to your community. Exteriors of wood, brick, stone, glass, or stucco are just as familiar to us as our attractive and economical metal wall systems.

A Virtually Maintenance-Free Solution

No one wants to worry about constant maintenance. It’s good to know Butler building systems have been tested by Butler research specialists and proven to perform in tens of thousands of applications around the world. For example, our MR-24® standing-seam roof system has been used on over 3 billion square feet of buildings and can be warranted weathertight for up to 25 years—and it routinely outlives its warranty. You’ll save every year on roof maintenance costs and headaches.

Cost-Effective Construction Is Assured

With a Butler building system, the structural frame, the roof and even the walls of your new building are designed by experienced Butler engineers. This saves you planning time and engineering design costs. And with our extensive capabilities, Butler can design for any budget.
Butler systems, designed for precision assembly without expensive field work and on-site modifications, allow for quicker construction times. A design-build solution from your local Butler Builder®, can add further efficiencies by eliminating multiple parties and streamlining the delivery process. You will be able to move into your new building sooner—with lower initial construction costs and lifecycle costs.

Integrity Means Everything

Butler is known for its design integrity in the building systems industry. We go to great lengths to assure that our buildings are certified to the highest design and manufacturing standards and comply with all applicable codes. You can also take comfort in knowing that all Butler products are thoroughly tested to assure consistently superior quality.

A Builder You Can Trust

Your Butler Builder is a construction professional who can handle every phase of your construction project. Only builders of the highest integrity and reputation are selected to become Butler Builders. They will work with you to provide the building system you want, on time and within your budget.

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