If your company is considering relocating, or if you're starting a new business, you should seriously consider a metal building system for your next office investment.  Metal buildings are energy efficient and durable, and maintenance costs are kept low due to the long-life building system and the weather-tight performance of a metal roof. Durable and colorful metal panels can provide the look of stucco, or other architectural textures, while at the same time providing for a quiet and energy efficient building.

Metal buildings that integrate glass, wood, metal, stone and brick can bring your company's architectural vision to life; and because metal buildings are most often design-build projects, you'll be in your new corporate office faster to help you hit the ground running. Large or small, multistory or single-story office park, metal buildings can fit your office needs. Below are some examples of the variety of metal buildings that are used for offices. Click on the individual image to see a larger photograph of that particular office building.


Beautiful And Functional

Your office building should provide a comfortable and productive environment for your employees with spacious meeting rooms and well-equipped offices. It should also convey the ideal image to customers and visitors with an attractive exterior, entrance way and lobby.

A Butler® building system enables you to create the ideal environment for your employees and your customers with an array of attractive exterior options. It also offers unlimited flexibility with regard to interiors as well. So, you can carry this ideal environment throughout every space of your office building.

When you consider that a Butler building system can also be built faster than is typical with conventional construction, it’s easy to see why it has become such a popular choice for office buildings of all styles.

Take a moment to discover what The Butler Difference can do for you.

Create The Ideal Environment

Butler structural systems are designed to give you complete freedom with regard to final aesthetics. Exteriors of wood, brick, stone, or glass are just as familiar to us as our attractive

and economical metal wall systems. You can also incorporate a glass curtain wall system to create stunning beauty and offer a glimpse at the equally attractive office space inside.

With Butler, the design flexibility doesn’t end there. You can create soaring roof pitches to complement your building’s architecture, with a wide variety of metal roof colors available. Butler can accommodate up to a three-story building, providing greater flexibility for those that need a multi-story building.