Many of America‘s schools need to expand, upgrade, or replace their existing facilities. Metal building systems have been used for decades to create cutting-edge classroom buildings, gymnasiums, and auditoriums. With cost-effective, energy efficient designs and high-performance roof and wall systems, metal buildings can provide long-term solutions for growing school districts.

Metal roofing systems can also be used to replace leaky flat built-up roofs, adding energy efficiency and weather-tight performance with the added benefit of an attractive architectural makeover for an existing school building. Now that's a winning combination. In many cases, the existing flat roof can be left in place and the metal roof slope built on top. This process creates minimal disruption to classroom activities. Another benefit to using a metal roof system is that metal roofing lasts decades longer than flat roofing and has a much lower maintenance cost. The extra ventilation helps keep the school cooler in the spring and summer and added insulation keeps them warmer in the winter. This can add up to big energy savings for the school board's budget. Educational Facilities can include everything from small, utilitarian buildings and roofs to large gymnasiums and complete campuses. Whatever the need, metal buildings can provide a cost-effective and attractive solution for your educational facility. Below are just a few samples of metal buildings and roofs that have been used for educational buildings.

Educational Facilities

Parents expect a great deal from their children’s educational experience. They want an educational facility that provides a comfortable and productive learning environment with state-of-the-art classrooms and modern athletic facilities.

Teachers and administrators want an educational facility that is spacious and well equipped, with roofs that don’t leak.

A Butler® building system enables you to create the ideal environment for students and teachers with unlimited flexibility with regard to

interior and exterior options. So you can carry the comfortable and productive learning environment throughout every space of your educational facility.

When you consider that a Butler building system can also be built faster than is typical with conventional construction, it’s easy to see why it has become such a popular choice for all types of educational facilities.

Maximum Design Flexibility

Our structural systems are designed to give you complete freedom in planning the size and shape of your building. And exteriors of concrete, wood, brick, stone or glass are just as familiar to us as our attractive and economical metal wall systems. Need a finish color to match your school’s colors? Butler can do that.

If you wish, your building can have no interior columns. No interior load-bearing walls. Nothing to keep you from using the valuable space exactly like you want to use it. The unobstructed interior allows plenty of room for a cafeteria, vocational shop area, library or media center. Roof pitches can vary to offer soaring open areas perfect for gymnasiums and auditoriums.


Butler Manufacturing is a member of Sourcewell giving you cooperative buying power to get your project built on time, in budget, and within the specification you expect.  Sourcewell members are able to contract direct with you and avoid public bidding requirements allowing you to utilize cooperative purchasing contracts through similar joint powers, intergovernmental cooperation or cooperative purchasing laws in their respective jurisdiction. Member agencies include all eligible government, education, and non-profit agencies nationwide and in Canada.

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