Butler® PEMB Building Structural Systems

Structural Systems

Butlerib II Roof structure

Leading Design Capabilities

We have the engineering expertise and technology to make virtually any building design a reality. Plus, our Butler PEMB building structural systems are known for their versatility.

Classic II™ Building System

Simply designed for greater affordability and faster construction, the Classic II™ building system is ideal for applications from small to large. The Classic II™ Butler building system is available in a wide variety of slopes, widths, and heights, and you may also choose from an array of accessories to enhance the functionality And appearance of your building.

Features and Benefits

  • Competitively priced and delivered quickly

  • Reliable protection provided by the industry's strongest metal panels

  • Unmatched performance for years of low-maintenance ownership

  • Butler-Cote™ finish resists chalking and fading and is backed by a 25-year warranty

Landmark™ 2000 Structural Systems

The Landmark™ 2000 structural system combines solid-web primary frames, factory-punched Truss PurlinXT™ secondary structural members, and rod bracing to form a long-bay framing system that can span up to 60 feet. The special truss purlin system (with open-web secondary structural) is a Butler exclusive commercial building structure.

Features and Benefits

  • Uses Truss PurlinXT to achieve up to 60-foot bays, available in 30-, 34- and 40-inch depths

  • Features acrylic-coated galvanized trusses, which protect from corrosion and provide an attractive interior appearance

  • Enhances ease of erection through factory-assembled, factory-punched structural members

  • Offers design flexibility for a combination of roof slopes and ridge designs

  • Provides an economical design solution for buildings that require wide-open interior space

  • Integrates with conventional wall products, such as masonry, precast concrete, site-cast tilt wall, and nonmetal curtain walls

Landmark structure
A large stoge space

Self-Storage Building System

A Butler Self-Storage Building System delivers superior building performance and protection to maximize return on investment for self-storage business owners.

Features and Benefits

  • Available with climate-controlled options

  • Can be specified with the industry's finest standing-seam roof system — the MR-24® roof system — for weathertight protection

  • Multistory options are available to meet specific building needs

  • Faster construction gets the building owner open for business and renting units sooner

  • Low-maintenance building performance helps maximize return on investment

  • Extensive exterior finish options — including metal, concrete block, tilt-up, or brick — create an attractive appearance and meet local building codes and covenants.

  • Our self-storage doors are the only wind-rated doors on the market.

Widespan™ Structural System

The Widespan™ structural system combines the practicality of a rigid frame with virtually unlimited design flexibility.

Features and Benefits

  • The most basic and versatile of the Butler® structural systems

  • Easily facilitates expansions or extensions

  • Can accommodate most eave heights and roof slopes from ¼":12" or greater

  • Acrylic-coated galvanized C/Z structural members add durability, reduce maintenance and contribute to an attractive interior appearance

  • Can support metal, nonmetal load-bearing, or nonmetal curtain wall perimeter walls

Widespan Structure