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MR-24® Roof System

The MR-24® roof system is the industry's first and finest standing-seam metal roof system — with 50 years of proven in-place weathertight performance.

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Energy Efficiency mr24

Features and Benefits

  • These systems act like a monolithic steel surface covering the entire building and providing superior protection

  • Specifically designed with movable clips to accommodate roof movement under changing temperatures

  • Creates an exclusive 360-degree Pittsburgh double-lock seam, with the final 180 degrees field rolled for superior performance and protection

  • Factory-punched panels and structural members ensure proper alignment and accurate installation

  • Accommodates additional blanket insulation thicknesses or the ThermaLiner™ insulation system to enhance energy efficiency

  • A material-efficient option with compelling sustainability attributes

  • Available in several cool colors for added energy savings

  • Features 2¾" rib heights

  • Can save up to 90 percent on roof maintenance costs

  • UL Class 90 wind uplift rating, US Army Corps-tested, FM Global available, and Miami-Dade County-approved

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The Butlerib® II roof system is the industry's best through-fastened roof system-engineered to be economical both to install and to maintain. Butler's basic steel roof system used for the Widespan™ structural system.

Butler Rib II

Features and Benefits

  • 1½" corrugation makes the Butler roof panel one of the strongest in the industry

  • Available punched to ensure accurate edlap alignment and easy installation

  • Factory-slotted holes allow roof panels to expand and contract during seasonal temperature changes to reduce wear and tear

  • Pre-formed sealant grooves promote accurate sealant placement between panels

  • "Return leg" full side-lap corrugation provides extra support at the panel side laps

  • Exclusive Lock-Rivet™ fastener further enhances weathertight performance

  • Easily insulated with fiberglass blanket insulation or the ThermaLiner™ insulation system

  • UL Class 90 wind uplift rating, US Army Corps-tested, FM Global available, and Miami-Dade County-approved

  • Available 10-year weather tightness warranty

BRII Compares

VSR II™ Architectural Roof System

The Butler VSR II™ architectural roof system is a versatile structural standing-seam roof system designed exclusively for architectural applications with roof slopes of 1/4":12" and greater.

Exterior viwe of a building

Features and Benefits

  • Accommodates complex roof geometries and simplifies flashing designs

  • It can be used in continuous roof-to-fascia design treatments

  • Panels are available in 16" widths and are manufactured from 24-gauge steel

  • Features a 2" rib height

  • Minor longitudinal flutes provide a pleasing appearance

  • All colors are cool roof fluoropolymer formulations, with an SRI of 29 or greater

  • Concealed movable clips anchor roof panels for spans up to 50.'

  • Allows up to 2" of thermal movement to reduce wear and tear

  • Factory-installed sealant on roof clips and panels provides extra protection against leaks

  • UL Class 90 wind uplift rating, US Army Corps-tested, and FM Global available

  • Available weather tightness warranties of up to 25 years

  • It can be used with a blanket or rigid insulation options as well as the ThermaLiner™ insulation system

CMR-24® Roof System

The CMR-24® roof system is ideal for applications requiring the proven performance of the MR-24® roof system, along with enhanced energy efficiency and a finished interior look. It offers all the benefits of the MR-24 standing-seam roof system with an added rigid insulation board and steel liner.

Features and Benefits

  • Features the same exclusive panel seaming process and clip system used on the MR-24®roof system

  • Specially designed bearing plate evenly distributes the weight of the roof panels and clips to support the structural steel

  • Superior-quality rigid insulation board is available in a variety of thicknesses and insulating values

  • Interior metal liner protects the insulation and gives the building interior a finished look with excellent energy performance

  • Features 2¾" rib heights

  • Can save up to 90 percent on roof maintenance costs

  • UL Class 90 wind uplift rating, US Army Corps-tested, FM Global available, and Miami-Dade County-approved

  • Available in several cool colors for added energy savings.

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Sky-Web® and Sky-Web II® Fall Protection and Insulation Support Systems

The Sky-Web® and Sky-Web II® fall protection and insulation support systems are unique, easy-to-install safety systems designed to enhance worker safety and productivity on the job site. The Sky-Web system is an open polyester scrim mesh. Sky-Web II is a web of knotted nylon mesh.

Skyweb protection

Features and Benefits

  • Protect against leading-edge-of-roof falls

  • Passive-restraint solutions similar to an automobile airbag

  • No action is required by workers, such as tying off with lanyards, to provide safety

  • Greatly reduces the distance of a fall, and thus the severity of the injury

  • It can remain in place after the building is complete to act as a support system for roof insulation

  • NOTE: Sky-Web systems do not eliminate fall hazards from the nonleading edge of the roof and during installation

ThermaLiner™ Insulation System

The ThermaLiner™ insulation system is a state-of-the-art insulated liner system compatible with all Butler® roof systems. Ideal uses include applications requiring energy efficiency and a finished interior look.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior energy efficiency with an effective R-value as high as 38.7 or U-factor as low as 0.026

  • The liner panel is durable and easy to clean and maintain

  • Liner panel provides an attractive interior and is available in a variety of colors and gauges (up to 22-gauge thickness)

  • Self-drilling screws help to provide fast and easy deck and substructural installation

  • Enhanced acoustic characteristics help reduce some interior noise transmission

  • Steel liner panel acts as a diaphragm to eliminate the need for structural bracing


TBS™ Insulation System

As energy codes become more stringent and energy costs continue to fluctuate, it's important to have an insulation system that will help save on the building's heating and cooling costs. The unique design of the TBS™insulation system for the MR-24® roof system provides more blanket insulation to meet stringent U-factors and R-values required by stricter energy codes. It also can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to install competitive below-the-purlin insulation systems.

TBS Insulation System

Features and Benefits

  • Installed from the top, eliminating the need for bands and reducing installation time and cost

  • Installs with various Butler® structural members to accommodate different building designs

  • Meets IECC 2015 codes with tested U-factors as low as 0.029

  • Roof structurals are accessible as a result of above-the-purlin system installation

  • Compatible with Sky-Web® and Sky-Web II® fall protection and insulation support systems

  • Unique design offers improved interior finish

  • Maintains vapor retarder integrity

Re-roof and Retrofit Roof System

The Butler® re-roof systems are affordable options for replacing a leaky roof with a long-term weathertight solution.

Roof retrofit

Features and Benefits

  • These steel roof systems can be installed directly over the existing roof in most cases, eliminating tear-off costs and minimizing interruption to daily business activities

  • Extensive design flexibility ensures seamless integration into existing structures

  • Available in a wide variety of colors, including energy-efficient cool colors

  • Options include the Low-Profile Metal-Over-Metal System, High-Profile Metal-Over-Metal System and Slope Build-Up Framing System

Roofing Color Charts

All Butler roof panels are available in a variety of contemporary and cool solar colors; this painting system has set performance requirements for coatings thru-out the industry and is used for all standard exterior Butler painted roof panels, wall panels, and trim.

Cool Roof Finishes
kynar paint

Features and Benefits

  • A 25-year warranty protects against blistering, peeling, cracking, and chipping of the paint. We always look good.

  • Butler uses the Butler-Cote premium high reflectivity factory applied finish system on all exterior painted products.