With economical designs that accommodate larger interior spaces and high ceilings, metal buildings make excellent fire stations, police stations, municipal facilities for recycling, service centers or office space. Every type of vehicular access door can be accommodated, from large coiling overhead doors to high-lift dock doors, sectional garage doors and even folding doors of various types. The overhead clearance provided by clear span framing allows for large equipment such as fire trucks and other equipment.

Metal building systems allow for the functionality your municipality needs at an affordable price, all without compromising on aesthetics. With brick facades, attractive metal roof colors, and integration of glass and other materials, your fire station or municipal building will be a source of pride for many years to come. Metal building systems offer economical designs that accommodate larger interior spaces and high ceilings. That is why so many municipal facilities such as fire stations and recycling facilities invest in metal building systems for their infrastructure. Metal buildings provide government agencies a high return on investment, and they meet their needs for both function and form with an endless variety of exterior facades and materials to choose from.

Butler Manufacturing is a member of Sourcewell giving you cooperative buying power to get your project built on time, in budget, and within the specification you expect.  Sourcewell members are able to contract direct with you and avoid public bidding requirements allowing you to utilize cooperative purchasing contracts through similar joint powers, intergovernmental cooperation or cooperative purchasing laws in their respective jurisdiction. Member agencies include all eligible government, education, and non-profit agencies nationwide and in Canada.


  • Desalination Plant
  • Fire Station
  • Police Station
  • Public Works
  • Sewage Treatment Facility
  • Water Treatment Facility



  • Fairs and Expositions
  • Highways and Streets
  • College and University
  • Elementary
  • Middle and High School
  • Vocational or Trade Schools
  • School Complex
  • Cafeteria Buildings



  • Agriculture
  • Border Patrol
  • Industrial
  • Military
  • Post Office
  • Prison
  • Penitentiary
  • Correction Facility