We just absolutely love the words "Man" and "Cave" put together! If you're looking for the perfect get away, look no further. Butler Metal building systems have proven to be the most economical solution for both large- and small-scale man caves in the world.  We can create living quarters, bars with beer taps, and smoking lounges right in your Butler building with plenty of room for all your hotrods too.

The need to park a hotrod created our first metal building design in 1909 and we are still providing that service.  Being the first to recognize the advantages of modern metal building systems design opportunities. The available exterior finishes that incorporate architectural metal panels, with expanses of glass and the incorporation of other materials such as brick and masonry allow for endless design flexibility and mesh perfectly with corporate branding and recognition.

Open floor plans that are free of interior columns make it easy to move vehicles in and out of the showroom and provide for limitless configuration of repair shop bays. Customers are greeted to aesthetic, modern design with high quality finishes that complement the car buying experience. A long-life metal roof protects the building interior from rain, snow and wind and needs less maintenance than other types of roofing. Metal roofing often lasts 30 years to 75 years or more without the need for replacement, which allows our customers to focus on their lives and not the maintenance of their buildings.

Recognized by building codes to be non-combustible, metal buildings can be designed with nearly unlimited interior space, which is possible thanks to fire-rated designs that are specific to metal building construction (as well as the integration of sprinklers). Large auto garage users already know the benefits of using metal building solutions. They understand the simplicity of the one-stop construction process and the ease of operation that metal buildings bring. Metal Building Systems are ideal choices for man caves. The ability to span large spaces as well as the efficiency of custom engineered metal buildings makes them a logical solution to maneuver cars in and have parties.

Achieve More with a Butler® Building System

Nothing is more important for storage than a building that’s secure and weathertight. It does more than protect your inventories and assets—it protects your company’s profitability.
But providing superior protection isn’t the only effect a facility has on your bottom line. It should also offer performance in terms of energy efficiency, low maintenance, and greater lifecycle savings. And of course, you want it to look beautiful for years. You’ll find all of these attributes and more in a warehouse or distribution center from Butler Manufacturing™.

Fast And Cost-Effective Construction

Butler understands the importance of fast construction, particularly in a competitive business environment. A Butler building system is designed to assemble quickly, enabling it to be built up to 30% faster than is generally possible with conventional methods.
With a Butler® building system, the structural frame, the roof, and even the walls of your new building are designed by experienced Butler engineers. This saves you planning time and engineering design costs. And with our extensive capabilities, Butler can design for any budget.
Butler systems, designed for precision assembly without expensive field work or onsite modifications, allow for quicker construction times. A design-build solution from your local Butler Builder® can add further efficiencies by eliminating multiple parties and streamlining the delivery process. You will be able to move into your new building sooner—with lower initial construction costs and greater lifecycle savings.

Flexibility To Serve Your Needs

Butler warehouse and distribution facilities offer unmatched flexibility. Interior walls can be easily moved to make room for more equipment. Your building can be designed with no interior columns to allow for uninterrupted work flow. Nothing will keep you from using the

valuable space to its full potential. And if future expansion is in your plans, you’ll find a Butler building system readily accommodates it.
With a Butler building system, you have a secure and efficient facility that you can put your confidence in today and for years to come.

Green Attributes

Made of recycled and recyclable steel, Butler buildings are inherently green. We also offer a range of energy-efficient roof and wall systems that can achieve a thermal efficiency rating of R-40 or more if required. Reducing your building’s energy consumption is not only environmentally responsible, but also a great way to lower your utility costs.

Beauty is Reflected in Every Detail

When you build with Butler, you can be confident that your facility will be solid, professional, and appropriate for your community. Exteriors of wood, brick, stone, glass, or stucco are just as familiar to us as our attractive and economical metal wall systems.

Protecting Your Livelihood

Butler building systems have been tested by Butler research specialists and proven to perform in tens of thousands of applications around the world.  Our MR-24® standing-seam roof system has been installed on more than 3 billion square feet of buildings. Its exclusive design accommodates roof movement due to thermal conditions. This allows the entire roof to expand and contract freely without sacrificing structural integrity. Our ThermaLiner™ insulation system can also be incorporated to deliver values up to R-40.  The MR-24 roof system can be guaranteed weathertight for up to 25 years—and it routinely outlives its warranty. You’ll save every year on roof maintenance costs, resulting in significant lifecycle savings.

Integrity Means Everything

Butler is known for its design integrity in the building systems industry. We go to great lengths to assure that our buildings are certified to the highest design and manufacturing standards and comply with all applicable codes. You can also take comfort in knowing that all Butler products are thoroughly tested to assure consistently superior quality.

A Builder You Can Trust

Metal Building Sales is a construction professional who can handle every phase of your construction project. Only builders of the highest integrity and reputation are selected to become Butler Builders. We will work with you to provide the building system you want, on time and within your budget.

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