Recent disruptions in supply chains have exposed a vulnerability no one could have predicted. Manufacturers and suppliers are looking for new ways to deliver their products to their customers and to build resilience into their processes. Butler Manufacturing™ has supplied more than 400 building solutions that meet that need, providing the stability needed to keep the supply chain moving.

Metal Building Sales offers local knowledge and expertise provide turn-key building solutions with a single-source responsibility assures faster construction and greater efficiency. Butler uses just-in-time manufacturing techniques to synchronize the fabrication and delivery of materials to match the sequencing of the project. Butler also provides construction planning tools, including apps to track materials from the factory to the job site, and electronic drawings that allow erectors to work more efficiently. This approach reduces the loss of materials, provides increased job-site space for better safety, and significantly improves the speed of construction.

Maximize your building’s performance with a complete Butler® system solution:

• Innovative structural, wall and roof systems
• Precision-engineered for seamless integration

Metal Building Sales provides a complete construction services with single-source responsibility:

• Reputable professionals with extensive knowledge of local building codes
• Butler helps provide maximum flexibility while simplifying the supply chain. We can provide you with both pre-engineered and conventionally-designed building systems, or a hybrid combination of the two methods.
• The MR-24® roof system, is the best performing commercial roofing system available. With proven, in-place performance for over 50 years, the MR-24 roof system will provide substantially lower cost of ownership when compared to other types of systems.

  • UPS Inc
  • FedEx Corp
  • XPO Logistics
  • J.B. Hunt Transport
  • Knight-Swift Transport
  • YRC Worldwide
  • Schneider
  • Landstar System
  • Old Dominion Freight Line
  • TFI International