With the high cost of housing today, more and more people, are considering using the advantages of our metal building system to create affordable homes.  More and more designers are reaching towards the natural beauty of steel in creating wide open space for living quarters. The word Barndominium comes from two words combined "Barn" and "Condominium" that were created for the ever-changing needs of our society.  People want to live where they enjoy themselves most.  Nothing can be better than living in a barn and house combined or even a garage.

Certain states allow every single-family residence to create an accessory dwelling unit to meet affordable housing requirements.  If you are within a certain distance from public transportation, no additional parking is required.  Many homeowners are building these units for caregivers or secondary sources of income so they can stay in their homes.  Consider the advantages of a second home on your property in the long term.  It is too good of a deal to pass up.

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