Metal Roof Accessories

Rooftop HVAC system for a large commercial building

HVAC Curbs

When a roof curb for HVAC is included with your order, flanges are customized to fit perfectly as possible and designed to carry certain point loads required for equipment placement. All curbs feature continuous seam welds. Side flanges nest with the roof panel, thus resulting in a completely watertight seal. Metal roof curbs come standard with 1″ foil-faced rigid insulation (R6.5). High R-values are available upon request. Our packages ship with all accessories for a complete curb install.

Features and Benefits

  • Custom-fabricated

  • Aluminum

  • Full-penetration/continuous welds

  • Two-curb system for heavy rooftop equipment

  • Mill or custom color finish

  • Partitioned top for HVAC as specified

  • Backer-channel, sealants, and fasteners for install

  • CAD drawings supplied with the order

  • Structural calculations available upon request (fee)

  • Aluminum curbs carry a 20-Year Warranty

SunLite Strip® Daylighting System

The SunLite Strip® daylighting system adds natural daylight, energy savings, and occupant comfort to any Butler® building featuring the MR-24® roof system, including new or retrofit applications. Butler has partnered with Kingspan Light + Air to offer this innovative daylighting metal roof accessory.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces electrical lighting consumption and lighting costs up to 70 percent when integrated with control systems design

  • Installs in 1/3 the time of curb-mounted systems, allowing for faster move-in

  • Design can reduce roof penetrations by 30 percent, reducing field labor and protecting the weathertight integrity of the MR-24 roof system

  • Prismatic acrylic domed technology adds up to three times the amount of light earlier and later in the day versus translucent panels

  • Can provide a return on investment (ROI) in an average of three to five years

Close up of Sunlite


Skylights are designed and constructed to fit your specific Butler Roof Profile. Our standard product offering includes both single and double-walled skylights for insulation. All skylight orders can be made any size required for your project. OHSA Compliant Fall Protection can be added as well.

Features and Benefits

  • Glazing options include prismatic acrylic, heat stop acrylic, and polycarbonate

  • AAMA rating for air / water / pressure

  • Miami-Dade NOA (Florida Building Approved)

  • NFRC Performance Certification

  • Poured and Debridged frame eliminates condensation

Security Bars

SteelGuard security bars can be added to any curb or smoke ventilator order and will be sized to ensure compatibility. Heavy-duty solid steel bars are welded to the L-Bracket frame for ease of installation. Three options are provided, each representing an additional level of strength in design.

Features and Benefits

  • SB-1: single direction rounds welded to the short dimension and painted white.

  • SB-2: same rounds on the short side with rounds spanning the long dimension at 16" OC.

  • SB-3: same rounds on the short side with rounds spanning the long dimension at 5" OC.

Stainless-steel long-bar
Metal roof


Light Transmitting Panels are used with Butler Rib II metal roofs. These panels are made of high-strength fiberglass, white in color, and are form-fitting of the Butler Rib profile to allow natural light into your new building. It is recommended that all Light Transmitting Panels should have safety screens or other acceptable safety controls that prevent fall-through that can be added underneath or above.

Features and Benefits

  • 3' Wide by 10' Long

  • 10-year average lifespan

  • Reduces electrical lighting consumption and lighting costs

  • Can be ordered with UV Protection

Fall Prevention Screens

Flat Light Transmitting Panel (LTP) Skylights are often treated as a premium metal roof accessory. These skylights are a fall hazard when safeguards are not present. Light Transmitting Panel Fall Screens are designed to fit any Standing Seam or Panel Rib. This fall protection system provides protection against a fall accident through flat skylights. All screens are tested to meet OSHA Skylight Fall Protection Standards.

Features and Benefits

  • Visual cue alerts personnel to UNSAFE LOCATIONS

  • Includes all hardware for installation

  • Custom sizes available

  • Backed by a 10-year warranty

  • Must be installed according to manufacturer's recommendation for fall prevention and warranty

Gutter system for a metal roof

Ridge Ventilators

Allow optimum airflow and premium comfort inside your Butler Building with continuous ridge vents. Ridge ventilators easily move fresh air through buildings of all sizes, including heavy industrial operations. Meanwhile, they remove hot, stale air — and air contaminated by manufacturing or production processes. And the benefits last year-round. During warm summer months, our gravity ridge ventilators release heat naturally. When winter temperatures strike, proper ventilation helps control condensation and other moisture issues. Unventilated condensation leads to rust, deteriorated insulation, and product damage.

Your continuous ridge vent is available in a wide range of throat sizes — and with or without dampers to control airflow. Pull chains are the standard means for controlling dampers. Multiple damper operations are available for two or more units. Standard ridge ventilators are shipped with a 1:12 end cap and can be field modified to accommodate up to 6:12 roof pitch. Ventilators can be custom ordered to accommodate roof pitches greater than 6:12.

Features and Benefits

  • 10' Lengths with Heavy Duty Crating

  • Bird Screen & Wide Flanges

  • Single or Continuous Applications

  • Pre-Finished Off White

butler gutter and downspout


A Butler gutter and downpout system is built to last the test of time.  With beautifully sculpted profiles made to match the profile of your building.  We offer a full range of colors and downspouts to properly divert water away from your building.  We offer replacements systems including elbows and straps required for any retrofits.  

Features and Benefits

  • All Butlercote finishes available

  • Fully Enclosed Corners

  • Heavy Duty Strapping

  • 4" Downspouts with Diverting Elbows


This versatile roof vent is designed for economical, low-volume air movement and is perfect for ventilating warehouses, light industrial buildings, attics, lofts, and other buildings requiring gravity or relief ventilation. It can be installed both on the ridge and as well as the flat part of your new Butler roof. Control the volume of gravity air movement with the adjustable damper, which is also effective in controlling water intrusion from wind-driven rain and backdraft conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in 12", 20" and 24" diameter throat sizes

  • Bird Screen & Wide Flanges

  • Pre-Finished Off White

  • Includes dampening if required

Turbine Vents


Powered by wind, turbine ventilators put Mother Nature to work for optimum — and eco-friendly — airflow. With their compact design and pleasing look, these vents are an efficient and effective means of ventilation. It can be installed both on the ridge and as well as the flat part of your new Butler roof. Control the volume of gravity air movement with the adjustable damper, which is also effective in controlling water intrusion from wind-driven rain and backdraft conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in 12", 20" and 24" diameter throat sizes

  • Bird Screen & Wide Flanges

  • Includes dampening if required

Pipe Flashing

If your Butler Building requires plumbing ventilation, we have the best solution to stop leaks quickly using our pipe flashing options.

Features and Benefits

  • Pipe Flash is a flexible unit that fits pipes from 1/4" to 7."

Dektite Roof Flashing
Smoke Hatch

Automatic Smoke Hatch with Solid Lid

Our UL-Listed Automatic Smoke Hatches provide invaluable assistance to Firefighters by evacuating heat and smoke from a burning building. Application is suited for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, or other large industrial applications. Durable lid design provides exceptional value and performance in a variety of regions and weather conditions. Constructed of Galvanized, Stainless Steel, or Aluminum, and can be painted white or to match exterior building color.
Non-UL models are available at even more economical rates where a UL 793 rating is not required. Non-UL models feature a single lid design.

Features and Benefits

  • UL 793 rating - twin leaf design

  • Solid lid design crowned for watershed

  • UL fusible link opens at a preset temperature

  • Optional McCabe Link opens lids electronically

  • Inside/outside manual release handles

  • Gas springs deliver a controlled opening speed

  • Lid/latch uplift rating 30 PSF

  • Metal building flanges, self-flashing or curb mount

  • Optional high uplift / capacity models available

Roof Hatch

R&S Metal Building Roof Hatch for safe roof access via the interior fixed ladder. The integral metal building curb flashes to any Standing Seam, R-Panel, or Insulated Metal Panel roof system. As a result, there is no need for a separate curb or flashing.

Our roof hatches are 0.125″ aluminum for ultimate durability. Curbs include 1″ (R6.5) insulation, with higher R-Values also available. The perimeter rubber gasket ensures long-term protection against leaks. Gas springs with dampers deliver smooth and controlled lift assistance. Hold open arm with vinyl grip locks lid in an open position. All Metal Building Roof Hatches include interior and exterior padlocks with concealed hardware for complete security. Several options are available; for example, steel construction, custom color finish, custom size, integral OSHA-compliant safety rail, and safety post (ladder-up). Lastly, replacement parts are readily available and easy to install.

Features and Benefits

  • Welded contours nest with any metal roof panel

  • Continuous seam welds for weather-tightness

  • Insulated curb wall and lid for energy efficiency

  • Interior liner delivers a clean interior look

  • EPDM high-density perimeter gasket - no leaks

  • Hold open arm locks lid in an open position

  • Inside and outside manual release provisions

  • Padlocks and concealed hardware

  • High-performance gas springs for smooth operation

  • Optional "Loose" Caps / Closures for field location

  • OSHA Safety Railing available; maybe factory-fitted

Other Options: Custom Finish, Safety Post, Ladders

Roof Access Hatch

GrateSafe™ Roof Walkways

CSI Division 07-7246 Safe Rooftop Walk Products & Handrail

GrateSafe™ Walkways provide safe access to rooftop equipment while eliminating damage to roof panels from foot traffic. Attaches with S-5! Clamps that do not penetrate the standing seam roof panels. The system features 18 GA galvanized steel planks, pierced and punched for a sturdy, anti-skid surface. Planks are 12″ wide x 10′ long and interlock, so walkways can install in various widths. In addition, optional OSHA-compliant handrail and toe kick integrate seamlessly. The GrateSafe™ walkway system ships complete and is compatible with any standing seam roof. Orders include CAD drawing with support locations, roof attachments, and overall walkway layout.


Features and Benefits

  • 10' Planks with anti-skid surface & interlocking design

  • Attaches with supplied S-5! Clamps (non-penetrating)

  • 14 GA supports, ledgers, and splice plates

  • Cross-overs for ridges, pipes, and other obstructions

  • Optional 6" high toe kick

  • Pitch-corrected when specified

  • OSHA-compliant handrail-one or both sides of the walkway

  • Forged iron handrail fittings, schedule 40 handrail pipe

  • Custom finish options are available

Solar Panels with S-5

The concept of combining photovoltaic arrays with Butler's MR-24 roofing is growing — and for good reasons. A standing seam metal roof has a life expectancy consistent with that of framed PV modules. A 30-year power source on a 50+ year roof, along with zero-penetration technology, creates the most sustainable roof system available with alternative power generation, all without compromising the roof manufacturer's warranty!

S-5 Solar Clamp
roof insulation

Roof Insulation

Brighten your building by increasing energy efficiency with an approved faced blanket insulation system. WMP 50 facing is available in many thicknesses and R-Values for your new Butler Building. The higher the R-Value, the better the thermal resistance occurs in your building. Butler Roof Systems include insulation options from R-19 to R-30 and up. Faced insulation also includes a water-resistant condensation vapor to protect steel from moisture. It is a highly recommended option and required for most buildings per Title 24 Energy Efficiency requirements. Many facings and options are available to meet all of your energy efficiency needs and requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Brightens building interior, available in white and black, facing

  • Provides cost-effective energy efficiency

  • Vapor retardant against condensation