Butler invented the metal building system in 1909 and since has become the world’s largest building manufacturer with over 1 million buildings constructed.   A Butler engineered building stands the test of time with 75-year roofs and 50-year paints including fully sealed trim. Our buildings are extremely erector friendly which includes no field welding, no field cuts, pre-punched holes and slots, welded attachment brackets, galvanized steel, rigid iron frames, insulation, riveted panels and so much more making a true and weather tight structure. 

Teaming up with Metal Building Sales makes a complete design build solution. You have one single reliable source for every aspect of construction including planning, building, permit approval, and service.  As your onsite project manager, Metal Building Sales can communicate quicker, more precisely, eliminate extra steps, condense timelines, and ultimately add to your bottom line. Never sacrificing quality, we have some of the best engineering and fabrication times possible in the industry. Almost always are plans approved by building departments with no comments just based on our extraordinary reputation.

The first step to order your new Butler Building would be to set up a person-to-person conference about your new building.  This can easily be done by sending us a quote request telling us the size of your building.  At that initial meeting, Metal Building Sales will help educate you on all of the particular product systems and accessories we carry leading to a complete and specified design. 

The second step will be to approve your custom quote made especially for your job site and specifications which can include foundations, installation, roll-up doors, and general contracting services.  The Unit Summary Report will outline your order providing building safety codes and loads required for the manufacturing and engineering of your new Butler Building.

The last step will be to review the engineered plans and calculations releasing your building for fabrication.  Your new Butler Building is a custom design meant only for your job site and will be shipped factory direct to you in as little time as 8 to 10 weeks.  Once, the order has been placed, a finalized delivery schedule will be coordinated.

With over 120 years of experience and over 1 million buildings in service, Butler not only understands the needs and requirements of their customers, but also have the ability to work with architects and engineers to combine their systems with any type of facade.  Butler Buildings can be supported by a concrete wall without the aid of steel perimeter columns. Interior columns can be held to an absolute minimum depending on your budget and design, increasing usable space and reducing total project cost. Whether it’s brick, masonry, EIFS, concrete, stucco, or tilt up, Butler Buildings can utilize options for pleasing aesthetics. We can achieve the look your after and give you the clear spans and cost savings you are looking for.

There are many kit label companies, too many to count, that appear to be cost effective manufacturers in which they are costly knock offs.  These types of vendors are usually only a front and there to obtain an initial drawing deposit which does not guarantee building department approval or any support afterwards.  Many online kit building vendors do not even provide calculations as part of their initial deposit. Make sure any company that you deal with as a manufacturer are part of the MBMA and AISC as accredited manufacturers only. If not, you may lose your initial deposit!

A kit building only vendor will drop ship an unknown package that you must unload on your own and piece together with no support.  Component order piecing requires intensive labor tasks for their construction which are very expensive and proven to fail not only from a cost standpoint but quality and weather tightness as well.  Preliminary savings are lost quickly once the steel hits the ground if you get that far...

Yes, on select projects we can assist.  A construction loan is a short-term loan that covers only the costs of your Butler Building. This is different from a mortgage, and it’s considered specialty financing and only for a short period of specified time. Once the Butler Building is built, the prospective occupant must apply for a permanent mortgage to pay for the completed building.  This type of loan is short-term and is usually issued for a year. It’s meant to cover only the actual construction period until you can get permanent financing.

Butler Buildings are a long-term investment made to last for years to come. Butler Buildings start out at a basic cost of around $35-$50 per Sqft. for Materials. This can vary based on the particular snow, wind, and seismic requirements for your job site. Upgrade options are available to customize your order that you can select from based on your personal style including panels, insulation, windows, overhangs, and doors. 

All Butler Buildings come standard with Galvanized Secondary, Butlercote Paint, and pre-punching meant to last.  We are known for looking out for the customer at a fair price and that's why we are the best in the world. 

When releasing your new building for fabrication, it is important to verify the following items prior:

  1. Building Codes and Loads
  2. Colors and Panel types per Permit Drawings (Roof, Wall, Trim)
  3. Building Dimensions (Height, Width, Length)
  4. Interior Column and Rafter Clearances
  5. Door Locations and Heights
  6. Window Locations and Heights
  7. Framed Opening Locations
  8. Bracing Conditions
  9. Driving Route to Job Site

By reviewing the accuracy of the plans as to what materials are being provided and what is or is not included, we can do it right the first time together.

  1. Anchor Bolt locations and templates following the enhanced erection plans are installed and located per the foundation drawings.
  2. The slab and perimeter are clear of all obstructions within a 25-foot perimeter for erection of steel. Building unloading must be next to slab. Moving materials twice will incur an extra charge for inefficiency.  Building slab shall also be clear of all obstructions and equipment before and during steel erection.
  3. The site is graded flat and compacted for a two-wheel forklift and scissor lift. Lifts will not work on soft and uneven ground.
  4. Perimeter ramp shall be provided to drive onto building slab.
  5. Drainage measures have been provided to keep site accessible
  6. Clear access to and unobstructed work hours allotted for
  7. Landscaping such as trees, plants, and brush have been cleared. Erector is not responsible for damage to existing concrete, asphalt, hardscape or softscape or underground utilities. Non-skid tires are not included as part of erection.
  8. End Customer is there to confirm bill of lading and no damage or shortages are present.
  9. Site is secured by fence including public walkways and barricades are set and any other means for safety are taken by End Customer. Delivered materials belong to End Customer. Theft and damage from job site is out of Erector's control and shall not be held liable for.
  10. Building permits have been obtained and Special Inspection requirements in place.
  11. A Dumpster or stockpile location is provided for excess packing materials and scrap pieces within 25' of building slab. Erector does not include clean-up.
  12. Sanitary Facilities are provided on site for workers.
  13. Electric Power source for hand tools.
  14. Field welding and touch-up of shop transportation primer not part of scope. Shop coat primer is meant for transportation purposes only.
  15. Normal standards of sequencing are allowed for ultimate performance.
  16. All MBMA codes of standard practice are to be followed.
  17. Any scuff marks or dirt on steel or slab is not the responsibility of AM Star or Butler. Owner must hire professional painter to clean and paint steel as required.
  18. Any material shortage claims or damage to building component claims shall be limited to the replacement of such parts.  No liquidated or consequential damages are accepted and shall be considered excusable delay.
  19. Excess Materials property of Manufacturer or AM Star and shall be dumped on site or removed.
  20. No Prevailing Wage Requirements or Certified Payroll Reporting are included in erection.
  21. It is agreed Restricted site access will increase assembly and rigging contract price for equipment and labor by 50% or more.
  22. A certified manufacturer’s Installer of the building must be used to install your building with minimum of 5 years' experience.